Distinguished Speaker Series: Ana Ming Bostwick Singer

This week, Besant Hill School had the honor of hosting actress and teaching artist Ana Ming Bostwick Singer from the Class of 2012.

Following her college years, Ana directed a pre-professional aerial troupe. Later, she embarked on a two-year Meisner program at Baron Brown Studio in LA, graduating in 2019. Subsequently, she trained with Tim Robbins and The Actors’ Gang, an experimental theatre group in LA, eventually becoming a company member. In her capacity as a program manager, Ana actively engages in various shows and introduces theatre to elementary school students in LA who lack arts opportunities.

Her visit was an exciting opportunity for our students to delve into Ana’s multifaceted journey, offering inspiration as they prepare for college. They had the chance to hear about the pivotal role of Besant Hill School’s arts program in shaping her path, reinforcing the idea that “aún aprendo” (I am still learning) is a motto that resonates throughout one’s lifelong journey.