Abrah Cate Steward ‘17

Author: Abrah Cate Steward ‘17

Post-high school life has proven to be a constant ebb and flow, full of growth, self-discovery, challenges, and a pursuit of balance. I find that now more than ever, our motto of Aún Aprendo rings true in my life as I near college graduation and once again prepare to head out into the unknown. This journey of constant learning and relearning led me to UC Berkeley after graduation from Besant Hill. I am now studying the sociological and political aspects of Agroecology (B.S.) with a minor in Forestry and Natural Resource Management. I am on track to graduate Spring 2020, a full year ahead of schedule!

Additionally, I am working for an incredible professor, Dr. Carolyn Merchant, who has been a pillar of the ecofeminist movement, helping her to publish a never released edition of Hugo Iltis’ book The Life of Mendel, exploring gene theory and debunking myths surrounding race and genetics that were prominent in Nazi Germany.

I also have been an active member of the Berkeley Student Food Collective since my time at Berkeley, where I have served on the board for two years as the Director of Policy (2018-2019) and the Director of Membership (2017-2018), continuing to use many of the leadership skills I learned at Besant during my time on Student Government while also fighting for food justice and sovereignty in the Bay Area!

Also remaining dear to my heart after leaving Besant is the knowledge that a strong community fosters strong individuals who act with individual responsibility and collective accountability. That being said, I have found a strong community in the Berkeley Student Cooperative, a housing cooperative where I have lived with 123 other students, cooking together, cleaning together, and gathering weekly for all house councils for the last year and a half.

Much of what I learned during my time at Besant Hill has remained with me, and I look forward to visiting soon!